3 Things Newly Engaged Couples Forget About

Newly engaged? Not sure where to even start when it comes to organizing your wedding day? Don’t fret! The wedding process can be a gruelling one, so you’re not alone in feeling slightly overwhelmed. With so much to plan for and consider, there are many different things that newly engaged couples forget about. But we’re here to help minimize that stress! To ensure everything goes off without a hitch, here are some key points to think about and remember before you officially kick off the planning process.

Stay Within Your Budget

One thing that’s common among newlywed couples is the initial shock that often emerges once they begin to shop around for their wedding day. Having a general idea of the cost is never really the same as being faced with the actual price tag of certain items. And though that dress or cake may look perfect, remember that there’s a lot that goes into this day, so sticking to your budget is important. No matter what your budget is, there’s always a way to make it work. Sometimes you just have to get a little creative, make a few sacrifices and focus on the fact that it’s all about spending time celebrating with those who you love.

Focus On Your Guest List First

Once you get past the initial glow of being a newly engaged couple, the reality of planning for your big day can suddenly hit you like a ton of bricks. But even if you’re feeling a slight sense of panic, just start by focusing on your guests. Whether you plan to have a big, lavish ordeal or a small, intimate celebration, the people are what truly make the day special. Always start by figuring out your guest list first before you start your hunt for the perfect venue.

Book Your Venue EARLY

In the wedding world, things book up extremely fast – and sometimes, even a year or two in advance. Plus, good venues will often book up faster than most. So, once you’ve locked in your official date and have determined your guest list, start your search for a venue ASAP. The venue sets the stage for the entire day, which makes it an integral part of hosting an enjoyable and memorable wedding. Find what you love and book your date without hesitation to ensure you can get the best spot for your special day.

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