4 Tips for Encouraging More Donations at Your Fundraising Gala

4 Tips for Encouraging More Donations at Your Fundraising Gala

Are you planning to host a fundraiser but aren’t entirely sure how to generate a substantial amount of donations for your cause? The best way to get more money flowing is by getting people more engaged while making the donating process as easy as possible for them. Follow these tips to learn more about encouraging more donations at your fundraising gala.

Run a Silent Auction

One way to get people to donate more is to get them excited about donating in the first place. Silent auctions are a great way to do this. During a silent auction, a number of items or packages are displayed for donors to inspect closely and bid on. When they find something they like, all they need to do is put their name down on the sheet with their bid and the person with the highest bid at the end of the event wins the prize. By asking local businesses to donate prizes, you can help to promote their products while also making money for your cause — it’s a great way to give back to your community and get people motivated to donate.

Ask for a Specific Amount

When a donor doesn’t know what an appropriate donation amount is, they will likely underbid or not bid at all. Instead, set a standard amount for a typical donation. This will take the burden off the donor to figure out what size of contribution is appropriate and, in most cases, will result in them over-exceeding the standard amount, which works in your favour.

Go Mobile

By creating a fundraising page to receive online donations, you can ask donors to donate there to help improve your chances of receiving more money before, during, and after your event. Many people prefer the option of going mobile because it gives the donors a chance to donate by using credit or debit instead of a cheque, which can also improve the amount you receive.

Use Social Proof

People tend to follow the herd which is why you can influence others to donate by using social proof at your event. All you need to do is set up a large display screen and live feed to show how many people have already donated. You could also set up a scroll that displays the names of all the people who have participated (with their permission, of course) to help influence others to donate as well.

Another way to encourage donors to contribute more is to set the right ambiance at your next event. To do this, you need the perfect venue space, excellent staff, amenities, and fantastic food. The longer they stay, the more they tend to donate. When you need the ideal event space for your upcoming fundraiser, turn to Centurion Conference and Event Center. To learn more about how our space can make your event a success, contact us today!

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