5 Tips to Nail Your Networking Event

5 Tips to Nail Your Networking Event

The idea of walking up to strangers and striking up a conversation in a professional environment can feel daunting even for the most confident social butterflies. But the value behind making new connections, both personally and professionally, is always well worth those slightly uncomfortable moments. To help you master the art of small talk and land some new connections, here are our top tips to nail your networking event.

Prepare Your Elevator Pitch

These occasions are all about expanding your network, meeting new people within your industry, and making new connections that could potentially help you land a job or client in the future.

One of the main questions you’ll always get asked when attending any networking event is “what do you do?” To present yourself well, make sure to have your elevator pitch nailed down. What is an elevator pitch, you ask? It’s a brief pitch that clearly and concisely sums up what you do and the value you bring in the span of a sentence or two. Remember not to sound robotic!

Focus On Building Relationships, Not Selling

When attending networking events, your goal should always be focused on quality over quantity. Leaving with plenty of business cards can mean nothing if you haven’t made an effort to connect and get to know other attendees. So when it comes to your conversations, remember to focus on building relationships with others and getting to know them rather than selling. It’s always more valuable to establish good rapport and leave with a few good connections rather than spamming yourself and leaving with an abundance of empty conversations and business cards.

Dress Appropriately

You should always do your research ahead of the event so you can be aware of the dress code, as some can be semi-casual or dressy. Looking dishevelled and too casual can leave a negative impression before you even speak. On the flip side, we don’t recommend wearing a tuxedo if the dress code is business-casual.

Don’t Forget to Bring Your Business Cards

It’s always crucial to bring along a good amount of business cards to give out to those you meet. Forgetting them can be a hindrance to the success of your connections, so always bring more than you think you need. Don’t forget to carry them in a card case so they look crisp, sleek, and professional.

Practice Listening Before You Speak

You should never just walk up to a group of people and abruptly blurt out your name and intro. That’s a sure way to get shunned and ignored quickly. Instead, let the other people speak first, then when there’s an appropriate pause in the conversation (and if they prompt you), maintain good eye contact, shake hands, and introduce yourself.

Thankfully, the more events you attend, the easier they get as you get to practice your approach and gradually feel more comfortable when conversing. Remember these essential tips to nail your next networking event!

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